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What is Indian Slide Guitar?

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The Indian Slide Guitar is a relatively new instrument created by modifying the Hawaiian steel guitar and arch top Jazz guitar. It first came about when a Hawaiian musician by the name of Tau Moe took up a residency at the Taj hotel in Calcutta during the 1940s. Moe was a great player of the […]

My Story Part 2

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At the conclusion of Hindi intensive course, us students returned to Delhi to begin our formal coursework and move into our respective flats. I shared a large flat on the first floor in north Delhi’s Model Town with five other students. Since I was attending one of the largest universities I personally had ever seen, […]

My Story

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Not having much of a plan or a clear direction for my academic life attending the University of California at Santa Cruz, I signed up for a 6-month study abroad program in Delhi, India in 2007 during my junior year. I was a musician at the time, having played the guitar from about age 11, […]