“A garland of emotions and colors emerge

as Joel Veena performs Indian ragas on his 20-stringed Indian Slide Guitar…”

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“I feel I am in some peaceful and calm place when I listen to Joel Veena.” – Kees van Boxtel, music director at Healing Sounds Holland
“Joel has taken the time to learn in the traditional way, through the Guru-shisha Parampara (the teacher to student tradition), and works hard. Despite being a foreigner, he goes deep to understand and properly perform the ragas.”Suraj Nirwan, Tabla maestro of the Delhi Gharana
“I am a great admirer of your achievement…a landmark in history.”Emmanual Patras, archivist


When Joel first heard the captivating sounds of the Indian slide guitar during a college study program in Delhi in 2007, it was a life-changing experience. Since that time, he has dedicated himself to the instrument studying with, and eventually performing alongside, some of the greatest names in Hindustani classical music. With two albums under his belt and a tour schedule which has taken him throughout India, the US and most recently Europe, Joel has worked to expand the sonic palette of the Indian slide guitar by working with a host of musicians in a variety of styles.

Combining elements of Hawaiian guitar, sitar and sarod, the Indian slide guitar has a wholly unique sound. Joel’s masterful picking and sliding create smooth glissando, full of sentiment and reminiscent of the human voice at times. At others, blazing fast plucking patterns create a cascade of metallic notes. From deeply meditative ragas to creative fusion music incorporating flute, frame drum, tabla, handpan and even vocoder, Joel Veena’s sound draws from the beautiful melodic tradition of Hindustani classical music while drawing inspiration from musical cultures all over the globe.

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“I play music because, for me, music is an inseparable part of life. Much in the way our bodies need food and water, our hearts and spirits require music for sustenance.” (Joel Veena) — So enter your name and email address now, imbibe in the music of Joel Veena.