Live Concert from den Bosch, Netherlands – Raga Jog (Video)

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Here is a great video from my recent tour of the Netherlands with the Dutch bansuri artist, Kees van Boxtel. Kees is a dear friend of mine now and it was extremely kind of him to invite me to Holland to perform with him on a small concert tour of various cities. This particular video was recorded April 13, 2017 at Willem Twee Concertzall in den Bosch, Netherlands. We were fortunate to be accompanied by Ganesh Ramnath on tabla. There are two compositions, both composed by myself. The first is at a medium pace (madhya) and the second at faster pace (drut).

We are playing Raga Jog; an evening melody that expresses longing. Remarkably similar to the blues, Jog is the same as our Western blues scale except for the fact that Raga Jog uses both the major 3rd and minor 3rd in the scale. The first track of my album, ‘Ranjan,’ is also in this same raga but a different composition, one composed originally by my own teacher.

Please enjoy, let me know your thoughts below and share. Thanks very much.

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